Roskilde Airshow 2023

Fra DKK 995,00 kr
  • Varighed: 8 Minutter (Ca.)
  • Sted: Roskilde
  • Produkt kode: PV12WM

At Roskilde Airshow in 2023, we offer a 7-8 min. helicopter ride either before or after the airborn show for just DKK 995 per flight excl. entrance ticket. The helicopter can seat up to three passengers (depending on your weights), so invite two of your friends or family members on a ride for that special price.

Window seats to all passengers with a majestic view of the southern part of Roskilde City:

  • Roskilde Cathedral
  • Roskilde Music Festival
  • Roskilde Agriculture and Livestock Fair location, where the annual Roskilde Music Festival also takes place
  • The surrounding farmer fields

Guided tour of Roskilde City

  • Flight time is approximately 8 minutes
  • Guided tour by pilot in Danish and English
  • Significant landmarks pointed out
  • Take off from Roskilde Airport

Many more inspiring pictures on the airshows facebook page: